Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too much but so thrilled

Around May last year I entered the blogging world and one of the first forays was to enter a PIF exchange with Marianne of Applehead. Marianne has just extended her family with another beautiful baby girl, so that she should choose to send something to me at this point in time made it all the more special. It's quite amazing, the generosity towards a complete stranger, I feel quite embarassed and humbled I guess, that she should spend her precious time on me and my family. The girls (well Ella and me really - Leila was a little non plussed as they tend to be at her age) in this family were thrilled. Ella said "Oh mummy that's so kind of her we really must send her something to thank her." It was terribly kind and we are terribly thankful and we will send something to thank her - I'll set myself a realistic target though of before year's end! I also have a frame to hand that I think they will fit, so I will put it in and share more when it's on the wall.

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Pina said...

So beautiful! I wish I could draw something this beautiful.

I hope that my plans for our PIF exchange will be successful. It seems like I am frightened to start the whole process of making something that I imagined. There is still some time left, right? :)