Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It wasn't her!

Oh Leila, how could we suspect you so? All the time we thought you had given my lovely watch to the rubbish bin and all the time it was simply mummy's forgetfulness. Finally tidying my extremely disorganised wardrobe, it tumbled to the floor from amongst my shoved in jumpers and tees. My lovely second coming watch is now safely back upon my wrist.

PS I know this photo is a little odd looking this way round, but Blogger just refuses to accept the rotated imagine, hence I look like I took if from a peculiar angle.


Pina said...

Yes, there were those funny house dwarfs playing games with you. They do this sometimes to have lots of fun. :)

Christelle said...

It is like having a new watch isn't it? Happy for you!
Mine has been just robbed... so I have an excuse to get a new one!

Lindsay said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad your little helper didn't sweep it into the bin! Your wardrobe sounds a lot like mine, I've just unpacked my suitcase and before we left I swore to myself I would have a tidy out when we came back, but I'm afraid I just shoved it all back in messy piles all over again!

sherry said...

Victoria, I just received word that we are swap partners for the button swap. I am off to church in just a few, so I will check your blog later to see if there are any clues to things you like to make your buttons special.