Friday, February 29, 2008


Pina wrote about words today and it's strange because that's what I wanted to include too, words.

When we lived in London on the tube they had poems reproduced on the walls, from current and years before, written by various travellers. They've started to do something similar on our trains here in Melbourne. Two displayed on the wall of the carriage I rode in on the way home from work today read as follows - I wrote them on the back of my ticket.

Mind your feet
under the concrete
history sleeps

and the other

Between me and the moon
the fog
leaves only fence posts

Are they haiku's - I forget the criteria for one and I'm too lazy to look it up!

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Pina said...

I like reading words and poems on the walls, sometimes they make me smile, sometimes just think about my life. I like these words the most: "Smile, somebody loves you." It always make me smile, no matter how sad I am. I hope they will make you smile too. After all, there is sure someone who really loves you. :)