Sunday, February 10, 2008


My favourite fruit are white nectarines.

My favourite vegetables, I have two, are asparagus (steamed with butter and salt) and fennel, shaved thin in a salad with olive oil, balsamic, plenty of salt and pepper.

My favourite perfume for years has been Chanel No 5 for daytime, Coco Chanel for nightime and Clarins Eau Dynamisante for straight after the shower.

My favourite facial products are made by an Australian company called Aesop.

My favourite non alcoholic drink is coffee, a strong cafe latte with 1/2 a sugar. I have at least 3 a day. My favourite non alocholic drink would be a toss up between a delicious glass of champagne (or good Sparkling Australian) or a full bodied red like a shiraz.

My favourite season is winter - still wonder how we ended up on the wrong side of the world.

My favourite flower is a gardenia. To this day I regret that my mother talked me out of having them in my wedding bouquet saying the perfume was too strong.

My favourite time of the day is morning and my favourite meal breakfast. I'm not a nightowl - never have been.

My favourite travel destination - there are so many for so many different things - but New York, Vancouver, Paris and Antwerp would be four of them.

My favourite singer for years has been Sarah McLachlan, since living in Canada back in, gosh,1992, but I don't listen to her as much now - still love the memories that her music evokes. Current favourites include Feist, Frou Frou and The Kings of Convenience.

Favourite thing - travelling with my loved ones.

Favourite dream - having enough money so that Geoff doesn't have to work anymore and the four of us can just hang together all the time. Life, the boring bits like work and bills, gets in the way of being together I find.


Lindsay said...

I love your list of favourite things, you've inspired me to think about mine. A couple I'd like to know are what are your favourite films and books?

Don't know how you can drink 3 strong lattes a day, aren't you buzzing? Since I had O I'm strictly a decaff girl, I adore coffee but I'm really sensitive to caffeine now, it makes me feel really wired.

I'm in search of a new favourite perfume. For years I wore Coco, then I moved on to Marc Jacobs, but blaming pregnancy again, my sense of smell has changed and I can't find one that is just me. My hunt continues, let me know if you come across any delish ones!

Hollabee said...

thanks for your comment re. the cricket...I survived...with a notepad..drawing and every now and then try to be interested when my boyfriend tries to explain the game...I like soccer better...if I absolutely have to come see a game ;)

Love the favourite list and am with you on the winter season...even though Aus doesn't get that cold..

13mimosa said...

Hey Lindsay - I was trying to think of what I should mention when writing the list and just knew I'd forget something obvious.

First coffee - I do get a buzz, but I need it! After 3 I get a headache but that doesn't stop me giving it a go. I went off coffee too when I was pregnant, but only ever for the first 3 months, after that I needed it to survive.

I am going to do a post on books shortly, there are a few passages in my favourite books that I carry with me, I just have to hunt them out and then I'll share.

Movies - cheese factor and I can't really say why - Moonstruck with Cher!! I'll come up with more noteworthy ones soon!

Pina said...

An interesting list. I share some of your favorites with you, like fennel and mornings. And a dream, of course. My list of dreams is actually too long but what a man would be without the dreams?