Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're Back

Home again and the pace starts to revert to normal, routines return. Although it's nice to be spontaneous, drag bedtimes out a little later, be relaxed about swims after dinner, all the treats that are holidays, I think we all find the return to "normality" somewhat refreshing. The girls were so happy to be home, renewing acquaintances with toys, their rooms, just so obviously happy to be back in their own space.

We'll return to days that aren't marked by pastries with breakfast, morning and/or afternoon tea at a cafe, special drinks, icecreams after dinner, special snacks with drinks.

Byron was, as ever, relaxing. It's not as it would be without two small girls, you don't linger over drinks at the pub as much as you would have, we couldn't laze on the beach for long as the sun was simply too hot for them, in fact we couldn't sit together for any period of time whatsoever. Ella is a water babe and wanted to be in the surf every moment while Leila, it turns out, is a beachcomber. We tried a tip from my mum and put her on the hard sand first and it didn't bother her at all after that. From that moment on she was off, without a backward glance, collecting stones and shells for every moment we were there.

Geoff went for a run or swim most days and I had a lymphatic facial for an hour on the 3rd day and an hour's massage on the last day. We all had our treats.

Brunswick Heads hotel - I think the best pub in the whole of Australia. Dinner at Fresca at the Bangalow Hotel - delicious prawns we could have eaten until we burst. Espresso Head still makes the best coffee in Byron. Ella adored Macadamia Castle! Harvest at Newrybar inspired me to knock our house down and build from scratch, although I found the food and coffee a little disappointing.

We're home again but the holiday isn't over. We'll have a catch up washing, tidying, getting organised day today, but Geoff has another few days at home this week, so we're determined to hang on to our holiday feeling a little longer. I have other news to share, but have to wait a few days to do so. I must confess that I didn't take so many great photos, I feel I've lost the knack with scenery shots and I know a few friends were keen to remember Byron via me, so I'm sorry if they disappoint. The snaps in this post are all taken before sunset on the first day after fish and chips on the foreshore in front of the pub.

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Lindsay said...

Welcome back! That's a gorgeous photo of you and Geoff. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and hope you manage to hang on to the relaxed holiday vibe for a bit longer. That 'coming home' feeling is lovely too though isn't it, I always think half the fun of going away is coming home. O is just like your two, whenever we've been away she loves coming home, you can see her take a visible sigh of relief and she rushes around re-aquainting herself with all her things. Enjoy the rest of your time off together.