Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's my mother in law's 70th birthday next weekend, but the family celebration was last night. We had a catered dinner at my sister in law's house.

Can you believe that we had four digital cameras with us last night and progressively, ours being the first, they all failed on us. Darn the rechargeable battery, we just don't seem to have any luck with ours. No whole family photos, none of my own little family which I wanted so much. We never get one of the four of us together and the one time I felt photo worthy (I had my hair done yesterday!) the gods were against me!

I think Helen had a nice time, as long as she has her family around her, the job is 99% done.


Lindsay said...

Boo to the digital cameras, how annoying! what is is with the rechargeable batteries, ours is always failing us too. Maybe they wear down after a while, our camera is a Canon Digital Ixus 700, purchased just before O was born. Is 2.5 years too old for a digital camera?

Looks like a lovely evening though, your dress and your hair look gorgeous. How lovely to have your family close by enough for family get togethers and celebrations. The tyranny of distance always keeps my lot apart, except for really big occasions.

13mimosa said...

You're sweet - for the first time in forever I felt attractive again - amazing what a couple of hours at the hairdresser does for you!

I am a recent convert to digital cameras - we bought our first when leila was born a year ago and even then, just a little point and shoot one. Now I'm ready to upgrade to an SLR as I just can't achieve that much with mine. That would make 5 cameras in our house though. My old first almost solid steel Nikkomat SLR, two electronic Canon SLR's and then the digital we have - how many photos can one family take?!

Pina said...

You are so beautiful!