Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I visited a favourite shop of mine today and stocked up on fabric. I find that I have to shop to a definite list, definite projects at least, otherwise it's all too easy to buy oodles of fabric simply because it's all so delicious without "needing" them. Perhaps if I had buckets of cash I could have a store cupboard full of these lovelies, but really I do try and limit myself somewhat.

The last doll I sold went to a lovely lady in California and she's commissioned me to make another doll - my very first commission! She let me know what colours she'd like and I hope she likes the choices I've made for her. It's hard when choosing with someone elses wishes in mind - what I think may be exactly perfect may not meet the image she has - but I'm sure we'll meet at a happy ending.

Part of me really wishes I had the drive to push the dolls more - that I could really get them out there. I think they're gorgeous, I take such pride in the making of them, really believe that they are made beautifully, but until they take off I'm not sure that others feel the same. It's not a financial thing as I would certainly not get rich making them, it's just such a thrill having someone buy what you make and be happy with it.

I know I've spoken of this before, but I just love the idea of making a living from my own talent. In my mind it's a cafe, that's always been the goal, but it's still a few years off. Once both girls are in school that's the time I could focus on starting a small venture of my own. Again, it's not a financial desire, although obviously I'd want to do well, it's just the sense of satisfaction from steering my own destiny. I'm not sure how it is where you all live but there is a huge difference between a good and a poor cafe. There are many who simply buy everything in - they all stock the same cakes, the same biscuits, they're all mass produced, all bland and showing no passion. I want a cafe because I love to cook and I love to make people feel special with the things I make. I want a cafe where the muffins and biscuits are baked a few times during the day. The specials are not what the wholesaler had a glut of that week so reduced to move, but they're seasonal items made by me according to what was delicious. It won't be a huge place, but it will be warm, welcoming, kid friendly, quality focussed. I will be sure that everyone gets a hello when they arrive and a warm goodbye when they leave. The place will look good, smell good and sound good. You'll feel so let down if you visit and we're closed, you'll make a note in your diary of our opening hours, you'll tell all your friends about us. That's the kind of place it's going to be.


belleandboo said...

I would come to your cafe, munch on your freshly baked cakes and buy your dolls, sounds yummy.
Mandy :)

Lindsay said...

I'd definitely come to your cafe, it sounds just perfect. (Funny it's a dream of mine to have a cafe too, a lovely little neighbourhood place)

Well done on getting your first commission. Your dolls are gorgeous, I love your new fabrics, especially the green and white, so fresh, and the floral with the hint of green too. I bet you would sell even more - if there were 20 more hours in the day to make them! Why is there not enough time in the day to do the things we really want to do?

You should go for it, you'd make a real success of both your ventures.