Friday, February 15, 2008

Beach Baby Beach

Ella loves the beach. She loves the sand, she adores jumping in the surf with her daddy.

Leila freaks out when you put her on the sand. She claws at your legs and tries to climb up you like a cat sometimes does up a curtain.

Tomorrow we're heading to Byron Bay for a week and we were hoping to spend a lot of time on the beach. When we get back I'll let you know how successful we were.


Pina said...

Have a wonderful time on a beach! I will keep fingers crossed for you that everything will go just fine and that it will be a happy time for all of you!

Lindsay said...

Byron Bay! Oh you are sooo lucky. I hope Leila changes her mind about the sand, perhaps the lovely soft white stuff will tempt her. Have the best, best relaxing time.

We have such wonderful memories of a holiday we had in Byron Bay. We stayed in a lovely place (think it was called Azabu??) with Aveda spa, hiked through the woods and climbed down cliffs to spend the day on secret surfy beaches and ate some amazing food.

Ah, I wish you could take us with you! Post lots of photos when you get back to transport us there! (and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog yesterday)


Pina said...

Hey! I know that you are enjoying yourself immensely with your beloved ones but let me tell you that I awarded you with "You make my day" blog award. Congratulations! You really make my day! :)

eva said...

I run across your blog via The Downtown Boutique. Can you imagine, my best friend is/was just at Byron Bay! She lives here in Germany (although she is Estonian) and she has a vacation right now :) Exploring Australia as much as she can :)
PS Good Luck with give - away!