Monday, February 25, 2008

My opposites

I have one of each. One is super blonde with blue eyes. One is super brown with brown eyes. While on holiday I had both girls with me in the wine shop while Geoff was off getting something else. I noticed the check out lady looking at me oddly and thought perhaps she didn't like the girls amongst the bottles. When I went to pay she continued to look at me, and the girls, oddly. Eventually she asked "are they both yours?" gesturing at the girls. I don't take offence at such things, but I did find it amusing that someone would actually ask. The answer, by the way, is most definitely, yes.


Pina said...

:) I look like my dad, brown hair, brown eyes, olive color of skin. My cousin looks like my mom (blond hair, fair skin) and once when we were walking around together I thought: "People may think that I am not her daughter at all but that my cousin is."
Miracles of nature, don't you think?

Christelle said...

yes I know what you mean! my sister Anne is so brown hair and I am light blond. The difference has always made people talk o)

I think it is nice, you have two beautiful dools.

Lindsay said...

Gosh that's hilarious that someone had the gumption to ask you that! Both your girls are gorgeous, it's lovely that they are so different.