Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After dinner performance

Don't all little girls love to dance? Mine certainly do. This was an impromptu performance post a lovely dinner in Banglow on holiday. There wasn't a huge crowd, but those who were there didn't deter her.

We love music and dance in this house, although aren't gifted in either category - the adults that is. The love of it doesn't imply a talent for it. I have a good ear and am good at harmony and was involved in choir and madrigals throughout my high school years, but am not particularly soulful even though tuneful. Geoff has amazing knowledge of music, passion for it, but isn't a singer or musician in any form, at any time.

Ella seems to have a love of and gift for music and dance, but who knows what that will mean over time. This week we started a dance class for small girls with a friend of hers and she loved it - we'll go from there. It's hard to know, don't you think, how much to encourage or push a child's interest in something or gift for it. I draw analogies to child stars in various fields, from Tiger Woods to Tatum O'Neal - how much was child driven and how much parent driven - are there 4 year olds truly passionate about golf or is an interest pushed by parents? I am a bit of a dabbler, always have been, and don't have much application to things, it's something I really dislike about my personality, I don't have much staying power and I hope the girls aren't like that, only because I dislike it in myself. I certainly want to encourage interest in all things and don't want to push, but would hope for more dedication that I myself have shown. Not sure if you can "encourage" those traits though, if they're genetic, or a disposition. What do you think?

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Lindsay said...

That's a really interesting thought. I have lots of enthusiasm and interest which unfortunately isn't matched by focus or commitment. Matt is very focused, he knows what he likes and what he's good at and is very committed and works hard - also matched by big musical talents and a big brain - top of his class, skipping years type of brain, but he doesn't show a lot of enthusiasm. I'm hoping that O has inherited his brainskills, drive sprinkled with my hope and enthusiasm! We encourage her in everything that she shows an interest in, but not sure how we will help her to focus and commit. I remember being forced to practice piano for my lessons each week so I simply gave up when I was old enough to do so, something which I regret to this day.