Wednesday, January 18, 2012


These holidays are going super fast.

We've entertained ourselves in all sorts of ways. The girls have had a few sleepovers with my parents which means Geoff and I got to the movies two weeks in a row. The first week The Skin I Live In - really really strange, but in a good strange way, if that makes sense. Creepy though without fear... The second week The Ides of March, also good but mostly for the two dreamboats of different eras, a film with flaws.

The girls and I have watched a few Harry Potter movies - every time Ella finishes a book we get to see the movie and she's been devouring them. We've crafted, we've rode and scootered every day. Ella's had a terrible scooter tumble and also had a wart frozen off.

I've had my hair coloured, but not cut. I've been walking a lot, only yesterday did 7.8kms of hilly walks in Healesville, would be lovely to do that every day.

I've made jam and chutney, I've made cakes, bagels and bread.

We're now getting ready for a week at the beach, we've rented a shack down the coast, which is not something we usually do at this absurdly high weekly rate time of year, but hey, you only get one shot so why not.


Sarah said...

way to go you buzzy bee!

Enjoy your time away. Just what we could do with

kristi said...

enjoy the sea. x

CC said...

Wow, you really have been keeping busy. I was interested to read your opinion of the movies. I've been thinking about a movie night. The last movie I saw at the cinema was Avatar (not sure how I got talked into that one) - I think I should choose this time around.

Enjoy your time down the coast

Julia said...

Wow, looking at all you got up to - I'm feeling sorry for my girls. What a great, long walk you did! Go you.
Enjoy a week down the beach with your family. In my humble opinion, beach holidays are the best way to relax and unwind. x