Sunday, January 29, 2012


A week at the beach can really recharge your soul. We had a wonderful time and I wish we'd been able to stay longer. We rented a gorgeous house called Rusty Gate in Venus Bay which suited us perfectly. It's an old renovated school house, fitted out beautifully with all the necessities (a real coffee machine!) in a perfect quiet locale. We hadn't been to Venus Bay before, but the quieter town suits us perfectly.

Our luminous girls had a great time and Ella particularly takes after her dad in her confidence in the ocean. Leila follows me with a much more cautious approach.

The best part of the holiday, eating together as a family every evening. Twee, perhaps, but honesly, that makes me so happy as it's something we rarely get the chance to do. I wish the balance of our life could be different, that Geoff could be here more/earlier, but how can you manage that when your husband's job - the one that provides us with this life of ours - doesn't allow that. I find it really challenging to balance what I wish was so with what is so.

Today we'll try and hang on to our holiday vibe as we head all too rapidly towards the beginning of a new school year.


kristi said...

michael gets home late too. i struggle with it. he struggles with it. i always wonder how many families are really eating dinner together every night.

Sandy said...

what a lovely holiday! so thrilled you all enjoyed yourselves.

Keryn said...

Hi V, we were at Venus Bay too! Shame we didn't run into one another. Spent days at Walkerville Sth as #1 Beach was a bit rough and I did have to save my youngest once, whilst the life guards were busy chatting. We had a great time, it't a lovely spot isn't it?
I didn't make it to the meditation course, but trying to attend the drop in classes in the city weekly. Your family pic is lovely :-)