Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A day at the Museum with Nan and Pa. Yes, Leila's wearing a school uniform, she still is. The girls started the day playing schools and my oh my, when Leila came out in a uniform, she looked so tiny! So she insisted on leaving it on, so she wore it to the Museum and to Brunettis for lunch.

Very pleased she's still just borrowing her sister's uniform. Realise now how happy I am for her to be waiting another year before she gets her own!


kristi said...

oh this is so cute, and there is something special about those school uniforms that i can't put my finger on.

Emily said...

She looks such a sweetie!

Kiki said...

Isn't she adorable! So is Miss E for that matter.

I wish I was doing the same as you with my Miss D but I'm sure I'm worried about nothing. I need to fast forward my thinking to June when I just know she'll be fine.

It's my anxiety...you know, the babe leaving the nest and all that related stuff.

dear olive said...

That is SO cute that she's wearing her sister uniform around. I used wear my neighbours hand me down school uniforms around too - a uniform to a school I didn't even go to! Kellie xx