Sunday, January 08, 2012


Another birthday party - tick.

Leila's 5th birthday and the years have flown by. Last year we had a low key affair in one of the nearby parks and she was keen to do the same this year. However it poured down all night and into today, of course the sun's shining now! Her two requests were tiggy and hide and seek, but we replaced them with pass the parcel, a pinata, musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey.

I forget that some of Leila's friends from kinder this year are a good 18 months younger than her, so some were quite timid, but I hope they enjoyed themselves, the birthday girl did.

This year's cake, a fairly low key request for a cross between a princess and a wedding cake! It had to have three layers and be vanilla inside and out. She's happy, next year, school!!


Sandy said...

so lovely! happy birthday!

lilredsquirrel said...

That cake looks fab!!

Julia said...

Happy birthday to your littlest girl. We both have 5 year olds born in January. Her cake looks lovely - just as she ordered. I'm so glad she's grown so much in confidence. She'll thrive next year. My 5 year old is busting at the seams to go to school. Funny how each child has different needs. Leila is blessed that you know exactly what hers are. x

Lena said...

What a cake! Was there anything left? A bit of a late Happy Birthday to Leila. Sounds like she had a perfect day. L x

Charlotte said...

oh my word – that's a low key cake!!