Monday, January 02, 2012


Our gorgeous blondey babe. Your tangled curls, may you always look so sunkissed. You came late to the idea of birthday celebrations, but in the past year have caught onto the benefits of being the centre of attention for the day. This year you've embraced the festivities and it's lovely to see you enjoying the attention and love of those most important to you.

5 years old today - I can hardly believe it. You still come into bed with me every morning and snugggle in, you still need many cuddles and kisses during the day. I probably baby you, I know I do, but there is a shared experience with many other mothers that they want to hang on to their youngest when they know there won't be another.

I'm not worried about you my love. You're such a tender hearted soul, but there is strength to your character as well. I believe you know your worth in this world and won't accept anything less from anyone, it's a wonderful strength to have.

You are a funny girl, making us laugh. You are extremely generous, tender with those you love most, ever considerate, a care for us beyond your years.

Happy Birthday Leila babe. I couldn't love you more.


Kiki said...

OK....bawling as the passenger in the car. That was just too lovely. A treasure she is...a very big, happy 5th birthday to you all.

I spot another terrific cake too.

Kiki said...

PS: LaLaloopsy is also on our almost 5 year old's birthday wishlist.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, Leila!

kristi said...

this is written so beautifully. happy birthday, leila. you seem like pure light and those curls are simply gorgeous. x