Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We started at Sky High. I have to say, I haven't been here since I was Ella's age and it's improved vastly since then. We were Amazed, which was surprisingly good fun. We had a picnic lunch and then headed into Sassafras and a hike down along the creek. Back to Ripe for coffee and banana teacake and home again.

A wonderful day with my very best guys. Happy Australia Day one and all.


Christelle said...

Thanks for sharing this day with us! Did I tell you that your national feast is the same day as the Indian one?

Kiki said...

You cuties!
I love Sassafras, a very peaceful spot. You're all wearing long sleeves here, I thought it was hot at the moment?

CC said...

Looks like great fun - lovely photos. I remember Sky High from many years ago - looks fancier now.

PlumStitches said...

very sweet pictures of all of you.