Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There are a few expressions that I use on a regular basis in my home, with the girls.

That's enough squabbling. Is a popular one

Is that a nice way to ask? Is another.

I realised yesterday that there's one that I say a lot in various forms when baking, be it bread or cakes, which we do a lot. It's a long expression and it goes something like this Now you know that I don't mind you licking the spoon/knife/bowl but I've said before, we don't lick until we've finished otherwise it's like you're licking my piece of cake.
Of course I don't really mind when it's my piece that's being licked, which it most often is, but you know we parents are here to set an example, albeit a shaky one!

Hazelnut cake recipe from here.


Anonymous said...

i was given the most wonderful book for christmas - "preserving the italian way" by pietro demaio...who lives here in melbourne!
it is full of clever ways of using the produce from our vegie gardens! this style of food connects me to my nonna and my heritage!
"amarcord" looks good too - will look it up.
your passion for good produce and food, always comes through in your lovely photos.
p.s : i did see this book at our local nursary... bulleen art and garden( who happen to have classes on preserving too!) - or maybe it's available online...if you are interested?

Sarah said...

What beautiful photos!

YEs I say the same things - a lot... amoungst others...

Cindy said...

I think I am going to get one of those "frankie says relax" te-shirts as that seems to be what I have been yelling, I mean instructing all holidays. Baking is one of the jobs they seem to be able to share

Kiki said...

Oh yes! It is gross isn't it and I am the same as you - it's like a chant!
Reminds me of something else that is horrid > when I see adults licking their knife like a sword swallower!!