Saturday, January 08, 2011


All working weeks, albeit short ones like mine, should end as ours did yesterday. Geoff and the girls collected me in the city after they'd icecreamed at Pellegrinis and shopped at the Hill of Content. We drove promptly to the Abbotsford Convent and got a park right out front. We took in our blanket and had prime position on the grass in front of the bakery.

There were some lovely guys who led the kids in playing Simon Says, What's the Time Mr Wolf and many others.

We ate from an Argentinian bbq and had delicious prawns from a Nepalese stall. We drank beer (just the adults) from Arctic Fox, which was new to us and delicious. We had a great time. The Supper Market is on every Friday night until the end of February. We'll definitely do it again before the warm weather ends.


Sandy said...

Ideal ending to a lovely summer day!

handmade romance said...

this does sound perfect! thanks for the reminder i must head to the convent on a friday night soon!

Christelle said...

Sounds really nice!