Monday, January 10, 2011


Leila babe had her party in the park today and it was a great success.

The weather didn't initially appear to be on our side, but we pressed on and sure enough by the time we got to the park we were just left with little spitty showers.

We kept things very low key. We had some morning tea snacks, we had balls of all kinds, hula hoops, a wonderful park and each other's company. For Leila that's enough. She has a lot of trouble with attention focussed on her, so party games aren't necessarily the right way to go. She loves the idea of it, but the reality she struggles with. In the same way organised play, you can see she really wants to join in, but for her making that leap to joining in is most often just too great.

She snoring away on the couch now, so shattered. A success though, I'm so pleased.


Linda said...

Happy birthday, Leila!

Leila always reminds me of my Isobel, who will be four on Saturday. It's such a sweet age.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and honest words. I always enjoy visiting your blog, sometimes because it's inspiring and sometimes because it's reassuring. And sometimes both!

Kristi said...

happy birthday sweet one. she is so cute in her floral headband. she always sounds so similar to my tate.

Kiki said...

Doesn't she look lovely. Tonight you have actually reminded me that perhaps Leila is just a little bit like me, maybe that's why your words often evoke watery eyes? Either way, I've probably grown out of it but as much as I like attention...I don't. know what I mean :-/

Christelle said...

I just loved the colors you have chosen for Leila's outfit! She is a beautiful little girl.
Happy birthday to her!

Sandy said...

Leila is blossoming! I remember being just like her and still am. I tend to shy away from attention and the spotlight. Self-confidence will build when the timing is right for us. She's an amazing little girl. I am glad the party was a success! Yeah, mum!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! Looks like a lovely day for a gorgeous little sweetheart.