Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is Professor Paws. He spends half his time on this window sill miawing at the birds outside, the other half he spends asleep on Ella's bed.

Professor Paws belongs to Olive and Archie, who have been Ella's dear friends for the past 4 years. They've become closer of late, Ella, Olive and Archie that is (Mr Paws just moved here) and soon their cousins, Polly and Harry, will be moving into Leila's room.

If you're unfamiliar with these Wee Wonderfuls, you really should check them out.


two little buttons said...

i love this. i had no idea who Olive and Archie were but i have just checked out the link. it is fantastic. i have just ordered my patterns !!!

Kristi said...

some of the first things i ever made were from wee wonderful patterns.

PlumStitches said...

cute - he's adorable!