Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today we went to the beach for the first time this summer, appalling isn't it. Bayside beaches, such as this one, take us a good 45-50 minutes to get to and it's such a drag of a drive. We really should have gone to the peninsula, but by the time we'd decided it was already lunchtime.

We always say we should go more often, the girls adore it. Neither of us were brought up as beach lovers, at least not in our home lives. Geoff's dad was raised in Byron Bay, his mum in Queensland, so they went to one or the other for most family holidays. I went to bayside beaches to walk our dog.

Geoff's much more confident than me in the ocean. I love quiet almost still ocean waters to swim in, although I love watching them crash in wildly, even if I don't want to put my body in harm's way. I choose not to call it fear but more a healthy respect for all it can do and my own limitiations in terms of saving myself or indeed anyone else.

I can understand the appeal of living next to the beach, there's something revitalising about it. On holidays most dream of the perfect ocean view so we can sit and waste away hours just enjoying it's majesty.

School hasn't gone back yet, so the hot weather hasn't even begun. We've got plenty of summer left to visit again.


Kristi said...

it was a beautiful day by the beach...wasn't it?

~ Kim ~ said...

We went for the first time in about 3yrs on my sons 3rd birth day. It was glorious even though hubby stayed in the shade. I hate sand but anyway it really made my year (last yr). I'm going to try to take the kids more often.