Monday, January 24, 2011


We're counting the days, not to wish them over, but because there seem to be so few of them left. Take out working days and there are nowhere near enough.

Today we're taking things slow. We've picked basil and zuchinnis from the garden. We've made pesto. A hazelnut cake from this book is in the oven. Leila's made a collage picture of Red Riding Hood and the wolf; Ella's made a collage of the gingerbread house. We've read a letter from a dear friend in Darwin and a reply is in the making.

I've made a very big and conscious decision to try and slow down this year. It was partly imposed upon me by a younger daughter who simply does not thrive in stressful situations - but then who does? It has come as a somewhat shameful surprise to me, purely because I feel I should have known, just how much me altering my attitude has made life easier for my youngest one.

A dear reader called Helen has been a big support and honestly did set me on the right path in terms of looking at things in a new way. We're repeating 3 year old kinder this year. I'm not 100% right that it's the completely right choice although I can't really tell you why I feel that way. Perhaps it's because it's an anxiety issue and I worry that whatever situation it will still be hard. However, time and maturity alone may help with that. I'm hopeful that this year will be easier and perhaps even joyful. I'm going in with that mindset and hope it rubs off.


two little buttons said...

good luck. its such a hard balance, i know my youngest struggles with the fast pace we had in 2010, and watching him slowly unwind and enjoy the holidays, has for me made me aware that i need to slow down. but its hard, i have to work at the minute and then there is kinder, i am hoping for a settled year, and like you if i change my mind set and slow down when i am home, i hope it will be enough. good luck on your journey this year and i look forwrad to reading how it goes. another year wont hurt, there will be many wonderful experiences for her to enjoy and revisit with greater maturity and mastery.

Kiki said...

A friend of mine seems to share these same troubles, she has two girls like we do and the youngest is living in the shadow of her older sister who can do no wrong, in its truest sense. She just shines! The 5yo has just started school and the turnaround has been amazing, she already seems to have developed her own personality and is showing traits of a very different little girl. No doubt no longer living under her parent's wings as much either.

You know what I mean?

Kiki said...

PS: Is this cookbook worth buying? I just love the sound of the hazelnut cake, how was that (hint hint: photo).

Sandy said...

wishing you and leila a more joyful year as well. i think you will be relieved that you made the decision to give her an extra year, more so when the year progresses and you see her growing more confident. more parents say that they wished they had given their children more time. i hear it all the time and i am still happy with my decision to have my son have his extra year.