Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Can you tell I was quite taken with the heritage apples and pears in the orchard? I wandered around wondering if another possible career change wouldn't be to become an orchardist in a National Trust property. I wonder if the opportunities, however, may be a little restrictive?

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Anonymous said...

oh victoria,
they are such lovely photos - you have captured real beauty....those pears!
i am also a bit taken with the loveliness of fruit bearing trees.we have planted a few in our garden along with our vegies, herbs etc...
our weekly ritual is pettys orchard in templestowe to do our fruit and veg shopping. john and his family have had orchards for many years and have wonderful heirloom varieties.
when they are in season we eat lots! - my girls love their apples.
we use our apple curling machine which is fun.we also make delicious pies, sauces etc...
john and his lovely wife nancy own yarra organics at pettys orchard. they are open fridays and saturdays only.
it is a magic spot...that families of kangaroos like to frequent! might see you there one day?
oh, and they have their antique apple tasting festival every year around march!
happy new year,