Thursday, May 13, 2010


Clearly taking pictures of furnishings is not my thing!

I took these photos a few weeks ago now, but couldn't share because I waiting for my dear Lena to receive her very delayed package. This was my first attempt at this pattern of mine and there are things I'd change second time round. I would add more spacing between the panels so it didn't appear so busy. I would also have a wider border as the plumping of the cushion means that the rounding hides most of it. As I explained to Lena though, every piece was stitched with love and happy thoughts and I hope she likes it. I'm also sharing these photos in case, my dear friend, you wondered what the empty fabric pocket was for!


Sandy said...

The pillow is really lovely. The quilt looks like it's going to be fabulous. Love the greens!

Sarah said...

That looks GREAT! ALl finished - a good feeling hey
: o )

Helen said...

It's beautiful Victoria. There's a real "natural and organic" feel to the colours and design you've created. Now get going on a whole sofa full of them because it looks wonderful against your couch in the photo. Fantastic effort!