Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I love this little guy. It's not my idea, but borrowed from here. I did figure out the pattern myself though, a little tweeking here and there and I think he's pretty cute. I've made a few now for various babes that have entered our world and this is one of two that will go to a colleague who is expecting twins very soon.

These soon to be first time parents have had quite a few concerns during the pregnancy and are likely to be induced this week, about 6 weeks early. So many worries at what should be an exciting time, I thought a gift that celebrates the children about to arrive would be a nice distraction.


Sarah said...

OH he is sweet!

Kiki said...

A great distraction indeed, very lovely little guy.

Jasmine said...

Oh he's beautiful! I can imagine a small person munching on those ears quite happily!