Sunday, May 23, 2010


I feel better when I'm organised, but I don't often find time to be as much so as I'd like.

One thing I try and do is write a menu plan every week. I do it because of finances and to save myself the daily torture of deciding what to make. I certainly spend a lot less on groceries if I'm only buying to a menu or a list, rather than to my fancy on any particular day. The downside, I find the effort put into writing a menu/list challenging some days/weeks and I also like cooking what I fancy on any given day.

For now, my weekly menu/shopping list, and I write for the amount of days deciding on the day what I fancy, is:

1. New York steaks (marinated sirloins) with potato & spinach dauphenoise & garlic g/beans
2. Italian meatballs (already in the freezer) on linguini with fennel and orange salad
3. Homemade chicken parmas with brown rice and green salad
4. Zucchini and feta fritters with roasted cauliflower salad
5. Caesar salad with pancett and a poached egg

For the record, no, my children won't eat all of this - theirs will be a modified version of most of them, decidedly plainer. One day though, one day, we'll all eat everything together, without modification.

Now, I'm starving, I have to go eat ..... a bagel!


Melissa said...

That all sounds so good!

Nadine Woolford said...

Hmmm souds good! I find myself writing lists of everything, keeps my mind empty, and saves alot of money!

Bianca said...

Your menu sounds more restaurant than family dining table. Book me a seat!!

Thanks for the bagel inspiration. After booking marking a few recipes recently but thinking they would be too hard, your bagels inspired me to have a go. OMG amazing! So, so, so good and so easy. THANK YOU!!

a lovely evening said...

my husband and i were just talking about this on the subway this morning. it is tedious to plan meals for the week, but in the end it's much easier than standing in front of the fridge at 7pm, starving, with nothing in the cabinet to make!

the zucchini and feta fritters with roasted cauliflower salad sound amazing. do you have recipes for both?

PlumStitches said...

I aspire to someday plan out our meals. I seemed to get bogged down, although I have no doubt we would save money and it would make my life a little easier.