Sunday, May 02, 2010


Nan's birthday on Friday and today a celebratory lunch. Too much food, luckily only a moderate amount of wine, but enough so I feel like going to bed at 3pm!

Geoff's roast chicken (Keller style), roast potatoes, garlic beans and rocket salad. Dessert a new recipe to me (from the current Gourmet Traveller) of an almond crostate with roasted pears, which I loved.

Pears are the fruit I like most in desserts, in cakes and I do love them baked. I also just love their form, raw and cooked, so pretty and womanly too.


Sarah said...

owwww that looks so yummy! Yes I like a cooked pear desserts of any type as well!

Tamara said...

I will have to get that recipe, with a bit of tweaking it might be eddie friendly.

And, I am SO jealous of your bread, Ella was reading over my shoulder and even she was impressed! The girl knows her bread.

Sandy said...

That really looks so good!

Anonymous said...
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