Saturday, May 01, 2010


I'm bread obsessed at the moment, I'm sorry. I'm sure it's very uninteresting for those of you not similarly inclined. Me carrying on about the holes and texture in this particular loaf will hold no interest, but it is an achievement. It's quite easy to make a dense, finely crumbed loaf, but it's more effort to get a real sourdough style texture, a wetter dough, longer proofing time, not necessarily more effort, but more thought.

I'm loving this book I've discovered. Learning theory behind breadmaking, again to me at least, is fascinating and a little information really helps to understand how to achieve certain results.

There is other crafting non bread related going on around here, I'll try and share my focus a little more!


Mintyapple said...

I've literally just woken up (am in the UK) and your bread looks seriously good to me. I'd be proud of those nice airbubbles too! Am inspired to go make some toast x

Sarah said...

I am enjoying your bread talk - but not creative bread wise enough to hand mix and beat one. If I said bread maker will that make you cringe????

Leah said...

Not bread... but I made crumpets today, and had a seriously good time doing so :)

Christelle said...

I have to confess, I will not try to make bread as here in France, we are pretty lucky -)
But I remain impressed by your gift -)

PlumStitches said...

those pears look delicious! my FIL is obsessed with bread making at the moment, and we all are happy to benefit from his current obsession