Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I first saw one of Angie Lewin's prints a couple of years ago in a home deco magazine. I made a note of it and hoped one day to buy one for our walls. I haven't done so yet, although they aren't completely out of reach, just more than a spur of the moment purchase.

After trying to decide on my next sewing challenge (because I need more than one thing on the go at any given time), I decided that I would do an applique and needlepoint interpretation of one of her works. I've chosen this image, which is called Green Bank. You can see more of her works and the items for sale here.

First step is to scale up the image and then grid it to transfer to a pattern sheet. Not sure exactly how I'm going to do this as I'm not great with the pc in terms of manipulating images, so I think perhaps I'll start with an A3 sheet of paper, a grey lead, a ruler and a rubber. If anyone else has a better idea - please yell! I think this will take me a while.

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