Sunday, January 03, 2010


She won't be happy, I'm sure, but I think she's gorgeous and photographs exactly as she is!
Last night we went, two families together, to dinner in town. The girls are getting along famously, holding hands, each with their respective handbags walking through Chinatown. I can't believe any time has passed, excepting the fact that we both now have walking, talking children in tow! I can't bear to think ahead to when they're not here anymore, but that will be the time when I start discussing travel with Geoff!

Off to the hills today. Taking a meandering route to my parent's place in Healesville. They've kindly house swapped with us for a couple of days so we'll be eating and drinking our way through the Yarra Valley.

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Kiki said...

You'll have a wonderful time and a few late nights I'm suspecting. You may even lose your voice from all the chatting ;)