Thursday, January 21, 2010


I met my lover after work tonight.

Our girls went to my parents for a sleepover and we met here. I arrived earlier than he, ordered a glass of rose and waited. I gazed and thought and imagined and remembered and hoped moving forwards. A conversation with a girlfriend after a viewing of Bright Star earlier in the week reminded me that I (and he, my husband) am a traveller, a dreamer, not a settled, contented person. I remembered our numerous trips, the trips we still want to take that are currently on hold, I remembered what it is to be a lover, rather than a wife.

We drank, me a little more than he, we ate, we laughed, we kissed and I was happy.

On the way home I spied a perfect photograph. A battered yellow velvet armchair sat on the naturestrip beside a bus stop in front of a very large, very empty block on which horses graze. It was 8:30pm and and I told my love that we must rush home, he must get changed and we must return, he in casual clothes to sit in the chair reading a book under the streetlight. My love looked at me in horror. He would have done it if I'd insisited, but his vision is ever so slightly different to mine. So, I don't have the image, I have the words, and I share them with you.

Photo from here.


Julia said...

Wow - remembering what its like to be a lover. That can only be a good thing in a marriage. I may need to I'm knee deep in toddler and baby needs, its often hard to remember that I'm more than just a mum. Thanks for the reminder x

Sandy said...

Yes, we lose sight of that don't we. So happy for you!

Kiki said...

You know you had me on the edge of my seat for a second there ;)

What a sweet memory. Cumulus has a very diverse menu and caters for all tastes I see. I esp. liked the look of the watermelon sorbet with Belvedere Vodka. Coming from one who reads the menu backwards (dessert first...).

I really do wish G would have obliged to having his photograph taken as you wished. Maybe next time he can drink a little more than you ha ha.