Monday, January 11, 2010


On a 43C day, the only logical thing to do is make icecream.

I used a basic method from Gordon Ramsay, a creme anglaise of 6 egg yolks to 250ml cream and 250ml milk, 50g of sugar, vanilla and I added a generous amount of lemon peel to infuse as I cooked. Sieve when cooked through then cool. Blueberry was our flavour of choice, although we only had 300g rather than 500g in our freezer, which explains the somewhat grey tone of the finished product! Heat just to pop the berries, blend and for us again sieve (my girls are not fond of "bits"). Cool.

Cobmine both cooled bowls (after the eldest child has tried to remove alone from the fridge and spilt down her front, the fridges and all over the floor) and churn eating direct from the bowl as it starts to solidify. Delicious.

I hope there's some left for Geoff.


Kiki said...

Y U M M O.
Did Geoff sample it too?

My Nanna used to make a delicious vanilla ice-cream in one of those old, silver trays you used to pop into the freezer. I must look for that recipe.

Sarah said...

Ohhhh we want to get an icecream maker as well...

DO you have the $60 Sunbeam one? What do you think of it?

We are thinking get one of the cheap or a $$$$ one. We have had one in the past and ot was pretty crap most of the way through it...

PlumStitches said...

looks delicious!