Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Our summer silliness today involved Ella and I taking it in turns to be the yoga instructor and make up moves for each other to do. I showed Ella a sun salutation and she thought downward dog hilarious. She then went on to show me some real moves, apparently ones she learned watching Waybaloo? This in turn led to taking turns at being the real life model for the other to sketch.

Real life drawing is another thing on my list, something I've always wanted to try but expected to be really bad at. I find the proportions really hard and I find it so tricky drawing what I see when the lines on paper become so flat and even shading doesn't help. I was therefore quite chuffed at this attempt of mine. It's Ella, in the "om meditation" position and I think you can actually recognise it for that. The face and ribbon, they're Ella's contributions.

We're in the East of Melbourne and the cool change came through about 40 minutes ago. Thank someone for that!

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Cindy said...

The crazy heat has bought out some gret things at your place, our place mainly just bickering.
How great was the change. I am in my robe now it is so cold - love Melbourne!