Wednesday, January 06, 2010


We went to Porgie and Mr Jones for breakfast this morning. Good coffee, loved the decor, the menu presentation, a lot of inspiration and great staff.

She really doesn't like having her photo taken. Geoff tried to take some photos of us together this afternoon but she and I both agreed that there was something wrong with my camera as we simply didn't look like that. Her eyes open, mine closed; my eyes open, hers closed; our eyes closed; her tongue out; my double chin showing - you get the idea.

Last day tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be thrilled if that was my pic!!

Love a bit of P&MrJ. Got caught out though at dinner. 12 of us for a pre-xmas do, and they don't take cards!!! When my friend booked seems they forgot to tell us. Sent everyone scrambling for cash. yikes!

Loving the daily posts.