Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Those toes I shared with you last week, that little one is having a birthday on Thursday so we've been sewing for her. Given her young age I thought I'd try a Poppy doll, as my own dolls have a lot more little pieces to chew at and threaded hair can get a bit gross from too much sucking.
The pattern is very simple to make, in fact I have three more waiting to be dressed, the sewing takes no time at all and it really is a satisfying pattern to make up.
A couple of things I thought I'd mention. Firstly, you don't need to spend over $50 on Doctor's flannel. I'm sure it's gorgeous to work with, but I couldn't warrant the expense - I used as I do for my own dolls, a good quality calico, choose one with a nice close weave, and that will set you back between $3 and $6 a metre. I've also used a cream broadcloth for one of the ones waiting in the wings and it works just as well. Ditto for the stuffing - of course natural is always lovely, but pure wool tops for stuffing are around $25 - $40 per kg and synthetic stuffing is only $12.00 a kg. I know it's not always about price, I like the nice stuff as much as the next person, but I wanted to point out that less expensive options work just as well.
The pattern itself, take some care with the neck. Any doll that you make where the head and body are separate will be a weak spot. Perhaps allow yourself a little more length on either piece to work with and be prepared to fiddle. Sew it on half way, then stuff in more to really firm up the neck as well as you can, before finishing off.
Both my girls are waiting on theirs, Ella's with brown hair and plaits as Christie did for hers. Leila's doll has green hair, not quite sure what else she'll end up with, but both want scarves and hats for the cooler weather, so stay tuned.
PS In linking to Christie I realised I forgot Poppy's blush - better get on to that!


Anonymous said...
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Christie said...

great idea to work with the calico & polyfil, natural fibres are lovely to work with (& i love the weight of a doll filled with wool), but it's a bit too expensive to make as a gift using the roving & flannel.

your poppy looks great (love the hair) & can't wait to see what you make for your girls, especially leila's!

CC said...

Your Poppy looks lovely. I like the fabric you used for the top - it's very cute.

Thanks for your tips regarding materials and making up the dolls. I actually have calico and polyester stuffing in my hoard so I am one step closer to doll making - now to find some time...