Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The days are passing so quickly right now. Not just the days beginning at 6am seeming to take only 8 hours to again reach 6pm, but the accumulation of days, weeks and months.

Admittedly I am moving a little slower right now due to a not quite full blown but enough to be really annoying head cold. Almost May though, one more month and we'll be halfway through. The young have so many things on their side, why is it that time also has to mover slower for them, considering they have so much more of it!


Sandy said...

That is a good question. And they have so much more energy! Love the bread. I'd love to get more into baking bread.

Jasmine said...

I've heard it's something to do with their age relative to the amount of years lived and the percentage that comes from that. Or something.
Whatever. Remember how long the Summer holidays used to feel?