Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I am a darned reading machine at the moment - you'd rightly wonder how I am managing two small children on holidays while doing so. The answer would be reading while cooking, while children are bathing, staying up late to do so.

Just finished this book and enjoyed it as much, although in a different way to The Road.

The characters again drew me in, most particularly John Grady. No description in terms of physical attributes, his age, but nothing more aside from the affects of the circumstances he finds himself in - weathered, beaten, dirty etc. I have a very vivid image of him in my mind's eye, a youth in terms of age, but so manly, so mature.

The Spanish/Mexican is a challenge for me with very basic knowledge, but somehow it wasn't offputting at all.

I liked it a lot, so am going for a Cormac trifecta next!

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Jasmine said...

You're on fire! I'm rediscovering novels lately too and I have intentions to work through you list from last year....