Sunday, April 11, 2010


We've made a few changes to our diet of late. We have never eaten a lot of red meat, perhaps we have it once a week. We have at least 2 vegetarian evening meals each week and one fish and I include meat in smaller portions and include such things as proscuitto as a meat component.

Geoff and I don't usually eat until around 8:30, borne of habit but also Geoff's long working hours mean we honestly couldn't do it much earlier. So we are eating much smaller portions and although I didn't think we had huge portions to begin with, it's amazing how quickly you can train your body to need and then want much much less. Geoff also had a high cholestorel count at a recent checkup so we're tinkering again, not so much cutting things out, but getting more things in.

Last night we had "Geoff's chicken", which is actually Thomas Keller's chicken. I've been roasting chooks for many a year, but have honestly never had a juicier more delcious bird than this - you must try it, Ella begs for it! So Geoff made, his chicken and I made some vegie side dishes, one of which was from Moro The Cookbook - a favourite from our London years visiting the restaurant. I did copy out this recipe, but in tinkering with the html coding to TRY and get paragraph breaks in the right place, stuffed it up completely. So being lazy I've found another link to it online - Cauliflower with saffron, pinenuts and raisins.

I used brown over purple onions as I prefer the golden caramelised colour to the grey colour the Spanish ones take on. I also used currants instead of raisins as that's what I had.

Delicious, so good in fact that we're having it again tonight!


Christelle said...

I talked about your blog today to my collegues saying them that I read it every morning when I log in!

Leah said...

Mmmm, I love chicken and corn soup and am always up for a new recipe. I made it for lunch today... and it's delicious! Thanks :)