Thursday, April 01, 2010


We had more visitors from overseas last week. In town for the wedding of another friend, as a bridesmaid, Kate and her family were only with us for a day. She didn't look different, not really, still just the same, the boys bigger, Darren strangely more tanned than me ....?! It was nice to share family time and Darren's birthday together with us.

At the end of the night (why do we always leave it until the end) it was time for photos. Now I can take a good photo, it just doesn't happen very often. My dear husband took so many shots and he kept shaking his head and saying to me "what are you doing? Kate looks exactly the same in every shot, you're the problem"! So, it is with great embarassment that I share the best of a bad bunch, of me. I would defend myself saying I looked nice when the day started, but Kate now believes me (post a swimming session) that my hair does indeed go curly and crazy when left to its own devices!

Travel safe guys.

PS Kate, be sure that this is an indication of how much you mean to me that I would share a photo like this with the world!


Jasmine said...

Best of a bad bunch? I think you look gorgeous. Nice to see your blog back in action too. xx

Kiki said...

WOW! I'm with the above commenter. You look great, terrific beaming smile. What more could you ask for? Crazy hair is a bonus if you ask me :)

I'm really happy to see you back too. Missed you.

manda said...

You look radiantly happy. Its a great photo :)

two little buttons said...

i think its a great photo you both look so happy. glad you are back blogging