Monday, April 05, 2010


Geoff had said a few times that he thought I'd enjoy this book and he was right.

The language is quite minimal and apparently Cormac McCarthy is not known for his love of punctuation. It's one of the most evocative reads with the least amount of description in any book I've ever read.

A father and son (whose names we're never told) are surviving in what we assume is a post apocolyptic world. We don't hear what happened or how or why, we only see the after affects and hear of how those who are left are trying to survive.

It's terrifying and is the only book I can remember that I held my breath while reading. Nothing bad happens to this pair, but horror is all around and it plays with your mind, gets you thinking down certain paths - what would I do, what choice would I make.

It was a quick read and I was sorry when it ended.

We'll now see the movie. Vigo Mortensen plays the father and I think he's great, so I'm keen to see if it translates well.

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Christelle said...

I felt the same as you: it was hard to leave that book.