Monday, August 04, 2008

Fondue, Snow and Winter Veg

In our house the almost 5 year old and I talk quite a bit about the difference between needs and wants. I know it can be a difficult concept for a child, but it can also be tricky for an adult. I feel I really need a new digital SLR but I know it's really just a strong strong want. I had never owned a compact camera before this little digital one we have, I have three manual SLR's ranging from my steel Nikkomat to the more modern automatic jobbies, but never a compact. I didn't think I'd be the digital convert I am but how can you go back to being without one? I've started using my SLR's with film again, as there's no comparison to the fun of it versus a compact, but we got rid of our scanner and when you add the cost of processing (including onto a cd) to the cost a film, you're into the $30 mark for $36 shots - polaroids are looking cheap by comparison! Looking at the gorgeous shots everyone else takes - particularly Ella and Clumsy Bird, how could you not be inspired? My other need is a new computer, a faster, more reliable, more gutsy, fancy pants one - with the full Microsoft suite of programs and Photoshop and all the stuff others seem to have as standard. I'll save expanding on this rant for another day though.

The weekend included fondue with my folks,

A trip to the snow with Ella - the babe was unwell,

and inspecting the winter crops.


Pina said...

Good to have you back! :)

I thought of buying myself a better camera too, I love taking macro photos and the camera I have now doesn't allow me to make the beautiful shots of the flowers. Or is it just me not handling it properly? :) I am always guessing if people change their photos in Photoshop to make them so shiny and beautiful...?

Brrr, I don't envy you having that winter weather! It is such a pity, the summer will be over so soon here, the fog keeps creeping through the mornings already...

jodi said...

I need to not want so much...and perhaps that will never change. happy you are back. said...

I'm so impressed by your winter vegies - and by your gorgeous blog (found via Japan Craft Journal). Lovely to read a fellow Melbourne mum blogger!