Monday, August 25, 2008

Minimum expense, maximum pleasure

I think a lot and I like to be organised. This translates to me being organised about things like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and Christmas a long way in advance. Ella turns 5 in October and today we started making the take home goodies for her guests.

Made with scraps the supplies themselves cost something like $5.00 USD for 60 self covering buttons of varying sizes; the headbands to cover were about $5.00 USD for 12; the bags to put both items in were about $4.00 USD and the stickers around $3.00. Priceless, the amount of fun that Ella and I had together this afternoon making a start on them. Honestly though, I couldn't buy lollies for 14 kids for that much. Of course there's effort involved, but if it wasn't fun that we wouldn't be doing it. Making buttons is so satisfying and super easy for kids to do with the minimum of supervision. The headbands aren't something I've done before so these first two are a little messy still. Cute though don't you think - again for nothing more around 75c each and some very sticky fingers and a little fiddling and you have a very cute gift.

Stay tuned for the invites, which we're yet to decide on. Ella's decided on a garden theme, but the execution is still up for discussion - ideas welcome.


cindy said...

They look so good, I can't wait until Poppy gets a bit bigger and we can do these little projects together. Where did you get those headbands from, so sweet. Maybe some seeds in the invites might be nice if it is a garden theme.

Christie said...

such great gifts! I have to ask though, where do you get self-covering buttons that cheap!?

Can't wat to see what you come up with for the invites :-)

Lindsay said...

They are lovely, you should consider selling them in your shop! I have some similar hair ties which I got in Sydney, they are covered with vintage kimono fabric and I love them.

Gosh you are good. O's birthday is in October and all I have done so far is chase the Vicar to see if we can hire the church hall we use for playgroup.

Tanya said...

I agree, you definitely should consider selling them...they are adorable.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you...our new address is:

Tanya Todd
Grand Rue 41
Perroy, 1166
Vaud, Switzerland.

Can't wait to see the PIF package. It's been a while since I have received anything in the mail.

SadieandLance said...

Wow, they're gorgeous! Yes, please tell us where you got all these great things from. And how do you attach your hairbands to the button?

Can't wait to see the invites.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

What a great idea. I love it. You make the little girls happy!!!

Sarah said...

OH these look like so much fun. Ummm better borrow my niece and we can make these... I dont think my boys would be to keen to make!!!

Sarah T said...

Love the favours, I am sorry not to have been in touch, we have been away and then my hard drive died. Will send an email soon.

ginny said...

Go buy the kids lollipops and sell these to us instead! :)

Sandy said...

You're so talented! There's nothing you can't do. You go girl!

vlijtig said...

I agree with all these comments. What a great idea and how beautiful they look! I'm going to steal your idea and use it for when my daughter turns five. Did you have tutorials for this?

ella kelly said...

Such an inspiring post -- thanks. I love your blog. Will keep on taking a look.