Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nosey Nasals

My mother has told me tales of one of my brothers who, when a toddler, had a nasal fascination (although only with his own nostrils) and used to stuff things up there. I remember hearing of how he'd come inside, not old enough to talk but to gesticulate that his nose was hurting. Mum wasn't surprised that it was his nose as he'd stuffed things up there before, but this time she couldn't get to whatever it was. They walked to the doctor and he used some sort of monstrous looking tweezers and pulled out bunch after little bunch of flower petals. The image of my brother sitting there pulling the petals off flower after flower and then stuffing them all neatly and firmly as far up his nose as he possibly could - well that image stays with me.

There are some family likenesses with our girls, but there haven't been too many personality traits or habits in common, until now. Leila also has a nasal, nosey fetish - she too likes to stuff things up her nose, but she has a favourite object, fluff. Her favourite fluff is from our new carpet in the lounge which continues to pill up a lot during the settling in stage, but she is just as happy with blanket or jumper fluff. Leila sits on the carpet and picks up little balls of fluff. At first she "cuddles" them into her cheek, thumb in mouth, other fingers clutching at the ball of fluff, but invariably I see her little fingers sneaking that fluff up her nostril, predominantly her right one. Tonight at dinner she was doing a funny sneezing thing and then a ball of moistened fluff appeared on the table! She also thinks it's funny to say "mummy" when you're not looking and when you turn around she has the middle finger of each hand stuffed up a nostril! I can't help but laugh but what if she progresses to larger objects? I seem to remember my brother stuffed dried broad beans up on another occasion!


Pina said...

I also had a nasal fascination, just that I wasn't putting anything into it except my fingers. I was wondering if that's why I wasn't ill so many times as other children, putting so many germs into my nose. I know, it sounds disgusting...
I hope you will find solution to this.

Lindsay said...


O's thing is putting bits in her mouth, she does it to get a reaction from me now. Yesterday it was a Charlie and Lola badge, and small bits of Lego. Up until now her Lego has been of the Duplo sort, but her uncle gave her an enormous big box of 'big girl Lego' on the weekend which she has been having lots of fun with, until she ran into the kitchen where I was cooking with a whole lot of little pieces in her mouth laughing. I swiftly told her she would only be able to play with her little girl Lego if she didn't stop. I really worry about her choking, she just thinks it's funny.

The thing Olive's playing with is called a stomp rocket and it's loads of fun! It has foam rockets that you attach to the launcher, then you jump down really hard on the pink pad and the air shoots it up into the sky.