Sunday, August 24, 2008

Give me light hearted

Pre children most of the movies we watched were foreign language, worthy films. At the time they were everything I loved. Post children I can't get enough lighthearted feel good. This movie fits the bill - loved, loved, loved it (on dvd of course). I'm a definite sap. Also now have to get the soundtrack by this guy - love the Scandy music.


cindy said...

I can so relate to that. All of a sudden reading sub-titles feels like reading Hairy Maclary and no matter what you watch once they are in bed you still go to bed singning Playschool in your head. Oh I love the changes.

Lindsay said...

I'm with you on that! Our LoveFilms list is full of titles like Black Book, Little Children, Live of Others but it's when titles like Napoleon Dynamite pop through our letterbox I'm most happy!

I'm getting the same with books too, unfortunately. Those heavyweight literary titles end up spending quite a bit of time on my shelf as I whizz through easier reads.

Oh dear, motherhood = dumbing down, not sure what I can do about that? Or the increasing evening self medication of my glass of wine and bar of Green and Blacks! Motherhood = expanding waistline too!

Angie said...

I have to go for the light hearted comedies as well, I just can't bear any super sad or violent flicks since having kids...I go to pieces & it takes me too long to recover....I put it down to all that nurturing. My partner is a bit better but can't watch anything that involves children suffering. List any other DVD's as our trip to the video shop is usually a two minute dash so recommendations are always useful.

Sandy said...

I loved this movie! I second your thoughts. For now, give me the light and fluffy please.

Alexis said...

I agree--I can't watch anything sad or heavy since I had my kids.

I love Sondre Lerche. I saw him open for Elvis Costello and he was amazing.