Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heart rate definitely reached 180!

Oh my god, went for a ride with Leila today and seriously thought I was going to die on the return, that's how unfit I am. We went along the bikepath and with Leila on the back saying "park, park, swing, swing" I was trying to remember where the park we used to go to was. Needless to say I took a wrong turn and had to backtrack, went further than I meant and looking at my watch was worried I wouldn't have time to get back and collect Ella from kinder. Leila fell asleep in the bike seat and I could see her head bobbing from side to side and when I put my foot down to turn around and ride back I stepped in a big pile of dog shite! So, that was my little bit of exercise (around 10kms isn't too shabby) for quite some time. I said to my mum when I got back that exercise is a bit like childbirth, painful while you're in the midst of it but as soon as it's finished you forget and feel really good!


Belinda said...

What is it about sleeping children shots? That is an adorable pic :) Oh and ewwww on the doggy doo-doo.

Anna said...

Your post made me chuckle!
I can't ride my bike now. Every time I put the baby in the bike trailer she screams, oh well, I don't think this out-of-shape body of mine could go very far anyway.

sherry said...

is that the same sweet thumb that was in her mouth days later after poo and all?
Sweet sweet photos.