Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Plantings

Our weather has been unpredictable during the last month. We had horrendously hot weather late in the season and last week was very wet. This week it's cool in the mornings and at night, summertime has ended, but the days are clear and fine.

We had put off our winter plantings waiting for a fine spell and today was that day. After swimming we went to the nursery and Ella helped me choose our winter veg. Most of them I haven't grown before and my plantings aren't as neatly planted as I'd like, mainly because I wanted to cram in as much as possible and despite extending the vegie plot about half a metre, it's still on the small side.
  • Kipfler potatoes although these are in a huge pot
  • Carrots, two varieties although I think both are fairly pedestrian - baby and early crop
  • Beetroot - which I love, but I'm the only one
  • Cauliflower
  • Baby cabbages
  • Sprouting broccoli
  • Broad beans
If I just manage to get a couple of everything I'll be pleased, although our summer crops just boomed so it will be interesting to see where things go at this time of the year. I'd love to say that I've studied the right plants for the soil given the summer crops I've had in, but I just don't have the time to investigate, for now. I seem to remember mum saying something about broad beans being good after tomatoes, but given they're away at the moment and I can't double check, I could be making it up. I seem so stretched at the moment, as we all are, so I'm just happy to have gotten them in the ground so we can start nursing them along.

My camera is still on the blink so I had to include a photo of one of the vegie nymphs in our summer crops!


Pina said...

Finally it is time to plant vegetables at this part of the world too. I just don't find any time for this... you know, rainy weather in April.
I have planted spinach until now, I still have to plant carrots, peas and salad this week. I love gardening but it seems that I am not a very good gardener...

Lindsay said...

We wanted to get planting too but our recent snowfalls put paid to that, but the sun is shining again so maybe spring is on it's way back. Hope your crop does well. We only have a teeny space but are going to cram in toms, carrots, cucumbers, salad leaves and herbs. We dream of a bigger space, or an allotment, ahh that would be a marvelous place to escape to!

How's it going at work now your colleague is away? I'm sure you'll do fine, it's hard getting your confidence back but you'll be great.