Sunday, April 06, 2008

Comes in threes

Why does it happen that way? Something never seems to break alone, a nearby appliance always hears the call and throws themselves upon the "spent" appliances pile in sympathy.

Our extractor fan over the stove died a few weeks ago now. It was 2 weeks past the 2 year warranty period. Am I the cynical one that I wondered if they aren't made to last only 2 years? I called up to find out about a service and was told the call out fee was $120.00 and then another $15 for each 5 minutes thereafter plus parts. I have to get used to the idea of the cost first and then I'll book it in.

Second casualty has been a long time coming but I've been in denial through fear of what it would be like to live without him. Geoff bought me a Gaggia espresso machine for my birthday in I think 2000 in London, so it's had a good life. Probably for the last years it's gotten more and more sluggish and a clean hasn't helped. This past week the steamer died, it no longer steams, it does a pathetic puff puff, but has no oomph left. There is definitely pressure building in the machine for the steam comes out of other places, which worries me a lot, the idea of it exploding on me, so it's turned off for now. I cannot live without an espresso machine. I have an old stove top version which I'll use for now, but it is simply a necessity.

Third disaster last night - our digital camera died. We went out for Geoff's birthday with friends and like a teenager I took my camera to embaress everyone. I had newly recharged batteries (for that's been an issue in the past) as well as a back up pack of four disposables. They all died, with only two photos between them - that's not good is it. I hope it's not the camera, three replacements are just too much for now. The other irksome thing about it is that I have two gorgeous dolls I've finished to go into my etsy shop and I can't photograph them - both different to any I've done before and I can't share them.

Kinder goes back this week and swimming and dancing so perhaps in that scheduling nightmare I'll find time to replace one of the three. It's also work again this week after two days sick leave last week. It's only 3 weeks until my dear colleague (who is full time) takes off on leave for a month to the US and I'm left managing things. I must confess to feeling a little sick about the idea of it. It's so hard to learn completely new skills in two days and then not use them for a week before trying to learn again. I hope I don't stuff things up too badly, I want her to come back from her holiday relaxed and not with too many problems to fix. She's had a bad run with her part time helpers and she's such a sweetheart and so supportive, I hope I can manage.


Lindsay said...

Arghhh! It's so rubbish when electrical things die - or you have to pay sooo much (call out fees pah) to get things fixed. You should replace your Gaggia first, then at least you will have your wonderful espresso to soothe your soul as you watch the repair man fix your fan. I'll be interested to hear what camera you plump for, my Canon Ixus 700 is 3 years old and the battery life is starting to go but I have no idea what to go for, except I've heard the Lumix or Lomix (?) ones are good.

Glad you are feeling better

Pina said...

Well... bad start of this week for you too, I see. If I could at least make you a cup of strong black coffee...

I can't wait to see the photos of your new dolls! I am so curious! :)