Monday, April 21, 2008

A Mixed Bag

First there's the cubby which is threatening to consume the lounge room. I can't get to the blinds or window without climbing. I have disassembled and reassembled to vacuum all the picnic foods left behind. I am reading stories inside the cubby by torchlight and putting to bed not only my two girls, but all their girls as well.

Then there's the chest cold which I can't shake and the cough medicine which grosses me out. Chesty Cough Liquid - Forte - Reduces chest congestion by liquefying mucus!!!!!!!!!!!!

The car we've been talking about replacing which went in for service today. No problems with it, we don't drive much at all, but a routine service was due. A phone call later and I'm told there is approximately $2,000 of repairs and we'll look at the valves and pistons when we've got the engine out. It's 7 years old, these are, apparently, routine things. Why then do I feel such a muggins?

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Pina said...

Oh, I miss those days building such hideouts in our tiny living room and at my grandparents'! :)

I hope that your health problems will soon pass. I think mine are over now when the spring is finally here.

And the car - mine is also 7 years old and I keep telling it nice things - I just hope it works without any problems for many years. Sometimes I wonder why I was studying at all - mechanics here earn at least 5 times more than I do, and I see it is the same in Australia!