Thursday, April 03, 2008

48 hours without food

does wonders towards returning the flat stomach of your youth. I'd prefer not to be so enthusiastically "emptying" my body of that which filled it, but I liked the way my belly looked this morning for that moment at least.

We're all on the mend here now - it was only Ella and I, thank goodness, as I'm not sure I could have coped with a sick baby as well. Friends have always thought it strange that Ella had never puked, well at 4 1/2 I can say that she has now definitely puked. My poor folks are now unwell, hence I'm not at work this week as they're out of action and my inlaws are on holiday. This doesn't often happen, thank goodness, as I carry a lot of guilt about not being able to go into work for a week, it's hard when you're only part-time, you're so conscious of making a valuable contribution in the limited time you have.

On a cheerier note, the night I got sick (before I was actually sick) we celebrated the birthday of the gorgeous man who lives in this house with three chicks. First day at a new job and three eager girls waiting for his return to share cake - the pressures he's under. And yes, in case anyone knew or wondered, he's the younger man in my life, albeit it only be 18 months. I like them young and he likes them more mature. And as another aside, no, it wasn't the cake that made us sick as all four of us ate it!

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Pina said...

Happy, happy birthday to your man! :)
It is hard to believe but all my boyfriends (including my ex-husband) were younger than me. Mr Ž is even younger than my brother which is rather funny for me! :)
I am so glad that Ella and you are getting better.