Saturday, April 12, 2008


Finally the camera is working again and the two newest girls, Maia and Lily, are in the shop. I also had a custom order from my loveliest patron so far to make one of her daughter's dresses into a doll's dress - too cute!

I am also tagging three ladies whose words I like to read. I love the little things about people that make them special, things that not everyone would know - I find that makes people more interesting to me than the bigger facts. With that in mind I'm tagging Pina, Lindsay and Anna , all in different parts of the world, but all who I find very interesting ladies.
To kick us off I've put thought into 7 random facts about myself, not all amazing, but all thoroughly me and I look forward to reading yours.
  1. Whenever possible I hold my hands with my thumbs underneath the rest of my fingers, as if I don't have thumbs. When I was about 17 I developed a wart on each of my thumbs, right at the cuticle and as a result both my thumb nails are now "deformed". They aren't smooth, but ridged horizontally all the way across with a little dip. I guess if you didn't look for it you wouldn't notice them, but it's one thing I'd change if I could.
  2. I discovered my first grey hair at 21. I was standing by my car with a girlfriend after work and she spotted it. At the time I thought it was cool, that it made me different. I came to hair dye later in life and only started colouring my hair when I was about 30 and I felt that the grey was playing too much of a leading role.
  3. I prefer savoury to sweet. I love pickled foods - pickled ginger, gherkins, pickled onions but not pickled eggs.
  4. My perfume of choice for years has been Chanel No5 during the day, or Clarins eau Dynamisante for a fresher smell. At night I usually wear Coco Chanel and immediately I remember all the wonderful times before when I've worn it. I am a big smells person.
  5. I never went to university but if I had, or still could I guess, I would like to study anthropology and psychology - I like to understand what makes people who they are.
  6. When I was pregnant with Ella I was convinced she was a he. I never imagined I would have a daughter, I always imagined myself as a mother of sons. I have two girls now and honestly can't imagine it any other way.
  7. I worry, a lot, about most things. People who don't really know me intimately believe that I am in complete control, but I never get hassled by things - I can put on a very good face like that - but I over analyse everything and things about things often far too much. I couldn't manage any other way though, I love to think about things, and can't relate as well to others who don't feel a similar way.


leslie said...

that was fun reading. coco chanel. i wear/love it, too. i always thought that would be a great name. coco.

Pina said...

You know, when I look at your dolls they always make me smile. Probably because they have such a nice smile on their faces. :)

I am thinking hard what kind of weird things about me I can share on my blog. Gray hair - my hair started to grow gray this year. About a month ago. There were some on my head before but now... :(

Lindsay said...

Oh what a cool tag! Will have to get thinking...

ginny said...

I also was convinced my Sophie was a he when I was pregnant. Everyone thought it was a girl except me. Was bummed that my "woman's intuition" seemed to be messed up. Glad I'm not alone. :)

(And, like you, I can't imagine it any other way.)